Senp Chocolate Hyde-out Narrow Feather Earrings

  • $16.00

The Senp Story from the creator Haley: Living in Haiti for almost four years, I began cutting and making earrings for a simple addition and dash of fashion. I learned a lot during that season in Haiti, one being the simplest gifts of life are the most beautiful. From there, vision took place and I wanted to share my simple designs with others to reiterate simple beauty. Through the creation of my business, I want to continue promoting and spreading that vision by letting customers become partners of my vision. My philanthropic vision is two fold. I continue to look forward, projecting goals and vision, while remembering where all God has walked me through. 10% of profit goes towards the creation and partnership with an upcoming non-profit in Indy investing in inner city students to leverage their leadership, service, and investment in their communities, teaching them and empowering them to take ownership and leadership of the transformation of their neighborhoods and their lives. Additionally, another 10% of profit will go towards specifically targeted initiatives in my second home, Haiti, seasonally supporting either education efforts, the Village of Hope orphanage, or missionaries through my previous employer and ministry platform, Mission of Hope.

***Note: each of these are lovingly hand-crafted and therefore are each slightly different.